"Retreat is a form of pause - it is a time apart in solitude, a precius space in which we can see our world in a different light -  acknowledge the grief, celebrate the gifts, and honor our unique spirit without worrying about how others see us or what jobs still have to be done" Joan Anderson

Retreats give us the opporunity to break away from daily activities and spend designated time for ourselves and/or with others in reflection and honor all that we have experienced in our lives.

This time can be utilized to regain perspective, help us balance our work and life or simply allow us to grow ourselves in a calming and inspirational setting.

When we are at a retreat, we are saying yes to ‘us' and to our need for calmness, silence, self-awareness and discovery.   Retreats help us indulge in self care where we can "breathe in deep listening and breath out loving speech".  Retreats are where we can say "I am peaceful and calm, I release any anxiety, and all is well".

"If you are at ease with being yourself, you will grow to be more than yourself"

Personal Retreats

Tina has designed a series of ‘Amazing Women Awakening' Retreats that provide women a secure place where their voice is heard and their personal development and growth is cultivated, empowering them to rediscover themselves, awaken their senses and better design and live the life they want.

February 1, 2014 - Creating a Year with Intention

I am so grateful for the gift of this retreat. Tina created a warm, safe and welcoming space to help us reflect on and consider last year, to think through the themes and beliefs that had guided our actions (consciously or not) throughout the year, and to orient ourselves towards a year of intentionality and purposeful living for this coming year. I have never been one who has been able to engage in visioning exercises in any meaningful way, but something about this weekend was different. Tina took us through a process of community building, structured exercises that asked us to consider our previous year through a variety of different lenses and questions. In doing so, she laid the foundation for us  to be ready to vision and imagine new possibilities. I think that was key, and what made this retreat have such a profound impact on me. By working through the questions, many of which I had never taken time to think through before, I was creating a foundation of intentionality. By consciously acknowledging the joys and barriers of last year, I was able to name them, see them more clearly and choose to invite them into my life again (or be aware when they were becoming obstacles to well-being). This was definitely a transformative experience for me. I almost didn't come because I was too busy to take a day out for something like this. I think it was important and essential that I did. Thank you for making this an affordable, engaged and safe experience for all of us. I think the effects of Saturday will continue to resonate with me for a long time to come. Lisa

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience such an amazing and insightful woman's retreat!  It's certainly something l never though l would take part in; however l have been struggling to find the real purpose in my life for quite sometime now.  Your retreat helped me to look within for answers to the struggles that l have been facing!   The retreat was such a positive and very informative time! I loved the atmosphere and enjoyed spending time with you and the other women that attended! You have a very loving and warm heart and your retreat showed all of that!   My vision board is something that l reflect on daily! What a great idea :)  I look forward to learning more about my journey and overcoming my obstacles and would love to attend another retreat! Cindy