Retreats give us the opporunity to break away from daily activities and spend soem designated time for ourselves.

This time can be utilized to regain perspective, help us balance our work and life or simply allow us to just be with ourselves in a calming and inspirational setting.

When we are at a retreat, we are saying yes to ‘us' and to our need for calmness, silence, self-awareness and discovery.   Retreats help us indulge in self care where we can "breathe in deep listening and breath out loving speech".  Retreats are where we can say "I am peaceful and calm, I release any anxiety, and all is well".

"If you are at ease with being yourself, you will grow to be more than yourself"

Corporate Retreats

For Profit and Non-Profit Organizations

Creating High Performance Teams
Team-Building and Effectiveness
Strategic Planning
Cultural Change
Creativity and Innovation

Customized Retreats - To design a customized corporate retreat that meets your needs, contact Coach Tina.



Personal Retreats

Tina has designed a series of ‘Amazing Women Awakening' Retreats that provide women a secure place where their voice is heard and their personal development and growth is cultivated, empowering them to rediscover themselves, awaken their senses and better design and live the life they want.