Success Stories

When You Hit Bottom

and someone opens the door and encourages you to look up and see the light, and then helps you walk towards it, one step at a time, by your side, being cautious along the way, pulling the good out of you and helping you create your new vision... that's a great coach!  MW, Entrepreneur, Ontario

October 29, 2011 ICF GTA Coaches Conference

"I was a participant in your workship at the ICF conference Saturday. Your session was worth the registration fee. I really enjoyed it." RB, Toronto, Canada

Tina is

"an exceptional coach with a strong skill set along with being a person of great character.  Her magnetic personality and professional experience working internationally and in large organizations give her the ability to connect with a wide range of people from various cultural backgrounds." Helene Van Manen, Master Certified Coach, USA

As my Executive Coach, Tina helped me

“in 2009 after becoming the Director of a large company and doing a job that was outside my specialty.  I was having a difficult time transitioning from my former job of executive chef where to my current role, different management expectations and management style was needed.  Immediately in our first meeting Tina was engaging and professional, she instantly made me feel comfortable and was genuinely concerned for my development. I started to see Tina on a weekly basis and found myself becoming a much more patient and critical thinking manager, I developed better relationships with my workers and my bosses. Tina and I had set 6 goals to reach in 6 months, 6 months later we crossed the last goal off the list.  

Tina has a real innate sense of compassion and a great understanding of big operations, the two characteristics that make an exceptional leader and mentor coach. Because of Tina's work with me I was able to grow our business 30% in 2010.  I also felt because of the success that Tina brought me I have her also working with my senior management team, I would have no hesitation recommending Coach Tina to anyone who needed management training and career focus.” Jason Rosso, The Distillery Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"one-on-one executive coaching helped me maximize opportunities and face my challenges.  This year, I have landed more new customers than in any prior year.  I have often confided in Tina regarding sensitive personal and business information and am perfectly comfortable discussing anything with her. She has a true passion for helping others." KC, Pennsylvania, USA

Tina is

"the epitome of professionalism and excellence.  A strong visionary leader and coach, she does not 'direct', she engages.  She does not avoid the difficult conversations that often arise in business, and her style allows all parties to be comfortable and able to express themselves freely, without fear of judgment."JM, Ontario, Canada

Tina exemplifies

“the qualities of a leader-coach: her approach, skill and style ooze credibility. Her passion for bringing out the best in others shows up in her leadership style as she uses the advanced skills of coaching in a natural and support manner. Tina uses a coach approach in her facilitation of others in training, she continues to model coaching as a way of being versus something you simply do. She is a Coach is every way". Cheryl Smith, Master Certified Coach, Britsh Columbia, Canada

Coach Tina's

"She plays a wonderful role in my life - she is an advocate for my own happiness, when I am too scared, too complacent or too intimidated to make a move in the direction I want. Tina is a great coach who gives my heart a voice. She gives me the courage to dare to dream".

"I have worked on increasing my confidence, make better and more efficient decisions, adapt to organizational changes and manage difficult working relationships.  Most importantly, I have gained insight into some ‘limited' thinking that has derived from various past influences and is helping me to learn to think more ‘abundantly" LB, Entrepreneur, Quebec, Canada

Coach Tina

"does not judge you, rather accepts you as you are and you get the sense that she only wants the very best for you.  She is not only insightful about people and their situations, she uses this ability to help them get "unlocked" and become free". SK, Entrepreneur, Pennsylvania, USA

Coach Tina

"You are like an angel who was sent to me at a perfect timing in my life". JI, Philadephia, USA